Hi, I’m Pepe Berba GMON, CCSK.

I write about stats, security, and crypto.

I first became obsessed with blue teaming and cyber security. While working in a SOC and going through network and security logs, we faced a lot of challenges. I ended up asking, “How do I properly organize and analyze all these data to detect threats?

In the end, I realized that what I was looking for is “How do I make smart decisions under uncertainty?”, which led to statistics, and data science. Currently, I work on data science projects that are not security related. Maybe I’ll eventually try to find my way back to security in a data science track. We’ll see!

Some of the things I’m planning to look deeper into are explainable AI, outlier and anomaly detection (time series and tabular), and analyzing graph structures. Hopefully, I can learn enough to write posts on these topics.

I’m a hobbyist cryptographer. I’ve had a few units of cryptography and number theory in college and some experience solving crypto challenges in CTFs. Nothing serious.


I’m currently a Machine Learning Researcher at Thinking Machines Data Science, a data science startup in the Philippines, while finishing my masters degree in data science from the University of the Philippines, School of Statistics.

Previously, I worked in a cybersecurity startup based in the Philippines. I was part of the founding team of the SOC and had to wear many hats: deploying SIEMs from scratch using ELK, developing integrations and custom scripts for the operations, configuring rules and alerts for threat detection, and monitoring and analyzing alerts.


GMON, CSSK, Google Cloud Professional Cloud Security Engineer, and Elastic Certified Engineer

GMON   CCSK   gcp cloud sec elastic   advisory board


Summa Cum Laude, University of the Philippines(UP) Diliman, 2016
Graduated top of BS Computer Science 2016 graduating batch and 8th overall in UP batch 2016.

Student Excellence Award for Most Outstanding Graduate of Information Technology, UP College of Engineering, 2016


University of the Philippines, School of Statistics, Masters in Data Science (Ongoing)

University of the Philippines, College of Engineering, BS Computer Science, SCL (2016)


LastPass evilginx2 Phishlet
A fork of evilginx2 to be able to setup a phishing site for LastPass, bypass 2FA, and decrypt and dump the credentials in the vault. (Blog post)

Pulsedive Python API
A low-level Python client for Pulsedive API, an analyst-centric threat intelligence platform that can provide users with comprehensive community threat intelligence to help identify known threats.

HSB CTF Write-ups

When I’m free, I try to solve crypto challenges in CTFs with the hackstreetboys .

My write-ups are in my ctf-solutions repository, but I will try to migrate some of them in the crypto section.

Competitive Programming

I used to do Competitive Programming back in college. I mainly did problems on data structures and dynamic programming. (UVa Online Judge Profile)

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